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Awaken to the Melodies Dawn


The morning is calling you,

As the sun peeks through the veil of night, 

Awaken, embrace the ethereal hue, 

Let your spirit take flight.


In the first light's tender embrace,

A world of possibilities unfolds,

With dawn's grace, find your place,

Where dreams and hopes unfold.


With each dawn, a chance to renew,

To shed the weight of yesteryears,

Embrace the light, let it imbue,

With the strength to conquer fears.


Let the sun's golden rays ignite,

A fire within your beating heart,

Break free from shadows, take flight,

And embrace your unique art.


In the tapestry of dawn's soft glow,

Whispers of inspiration softly speak,

From the celestial heavens, they bestow,

The courage you seek.


Burst forth like a radiant sunbeam,

Paint the canvas of the day with delight,

In the symphony of life, find your theme,

And let your spirit take flight.


With each breath, a new chapter begins,

In the morning's gentle, tender kiss,

Embrace the magic as daylight wins,

And revel in the abyss.


So, rise and let your dreams unfurl,

As the world awakens anew,

With the dawn, embrace life's twirl,

And let your spirit breakthrough.


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Anonymous said...

The poem is written in well verse.And the ornamentation of the poem is outstanding.