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Bearing Strength: A Son's Journey

Amidst life's trials, you walk so strong,

A son of courage, where burdens belong.

With shoulders broad, you bear the weight,

Through stormy seas, you navigate.

In your heart, a flame burns bright,

Guiding you through the darkest night.

You face each challenge, big or small,

With resilience that never wavers, not at all.

Your spirit soars, like a bird in flight,

Unyielding, determined, shining so bright.

Through thick and thin, you stay true,

A beacon of hope for all you pursue.

Though the road is tough, remember this,

You're not alone, you're loved, don't dismiss.

Lean on the love that surrounds you,

For support and strength, it will imbue.

Dear son, keep walking tall and true,

With grace and kindness, in all you do.

May your burdens lighten day by day,

And may love to guide you on your way.


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Madhumala said...

It's really heart touching poem.