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The Beauty of Life-Long Friendship


In the realm of friendship, let's embark,

A bond unbreakable, a luminous arc.

Hand in hand, through joy and strife,

We tread the path, sharing life.

In laughter's embrace, our spirits soar,

In tears, a comforting presence we adore.

A gentle touch, a soothing word,

Friendship's symphony is beautifully heard.

Through sunlit days and darkest nights,

We stand together, like steadfast knights.

 In each other's dreams, we find delight,

Guiding stars, shining ever bright.

A shoulder to lean on, a listening ear,

In moments of doubt, you're always near.

With unwavering love, we uplift and heal,

Friendship's magic, an eternal seal.

Through distance and time, unbroken ties,

A friendship pure, like cerulean skies.

Forever grateful, our souls intertwine,

In this divine connection, love is divine.




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