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Failure: The Mother of Triumph

In the shadowed depths where dreams reside,
Lies a truth often feared, yet bona fide,
For failure, my friend holds secrets untold,
A nurturing force, a tale yet to unfold.

In the cradle of defeat, resilience thrives,
Where hope finds solace, where greatness derives,
For from shattered dreams, new paths emerge,
Lessons of fortitude, wisdom's sacred surge.

The stumbles we face, the falls we endure,
Are the ladders we climb, a spirit mature,
Through the shattered pieces, we gather strength,
A mosaic of lessons, etched at length.

Each setback endured, a chance to learn,
To rise from ashes, like a phoenix, return,
For in the darkest hours, seeds are sown,
Bearing fruits of triumph, yet unknown.

Failure, the mother, with nurturing embrace,
Bestows upon seekers a resilient grace,
She tempers ambition, forges character strong,
Guiding us forward, when things go wrong.

So fear not the stumble, the misstep, the fall,
For within lies wisdom, the mother of all,
Success is not birthed through effortless flight,
But nurtured in failure's transformative light.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone should read this poem. Its not poem but inspiration to many peoples.