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Twinkle Guides Our Path

In the depths of the velvet sky,

Where dreams and hopes forever lie,

A twinkling star, so far away,

Sends its light to guide our way.

Though distant and unreachable,

Its brilliance shines unforgettable,


A beacon of celestial grace,

That lights the darkest paths we face.

Oh, twinkling star, so high above,

You fill our hearts with endless love,

Your shimmering glow, a gentle reminder,

That even in darkness, we can find a glimmer.


Through vast expanses and cosmic seas,

You teach us strength and unity,

For though you're far, your light so small,

You illuminate the world for all.

Your twinkle tells a tale untold,

Of perseverance, brave and bold,


No matter the distance, no matter the strife,

We, too, can find purpose in this life.

When doubts and fears cloud our way,

Your steadfast glow will never stray,

A celestial map of dreams and desires,

Burning with passion, never tires.


So let us gaze upon your light,

Through the darkest hours of the night,

Embrace the guidance that you share,

And know that hope is always there.

Twinkling star, so far away,

You inspire us day by day,


With every shimmer, every beam,

You ignite within our souls a gleam.

So let us strive to reach our goals,

Let determination fill our souls,

For like the star that shines so bright,

We'll illuminate our world with light.

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